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Parents Corner

Improve Child Fitness
The ultimate and very best justification for participating in HappyFeet is your goal to significantly improve the fitness levels of your children. HappyFeet develops vastly improved physical skills guaranteed.

Quicker Skill Acquisition
Soccer is the only sport in which a child has to move a ball with their feet while simultaneously maintaining balance and changing direction. This guarantees every child greater fine and gross motor skill acquisition than alternative sports and general physical education classes.

Maximize Fun
We use stories, songs, nursery rhymes, fun games, dynamic movement and a ball for each participant to make our classes the single most enjoyable and beneficial activity children enjoy on a weekly basis. Because HappyFeet classes involve stories, songs, balls and dynamic play, children  love absolutely every minute. A happy child who has satisfied their inherent genetic need to move is better able to focus, concentrate and maximize benefits from the other aspects of the school curriculum.

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HappyFeet Locations
  • We service schools all over North DFW, from Fort Worth to Flower Mound to Carrollton!