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About Us

HappyFeet Legends Mission Statement

Our Passion:
To provide a world-class curriculum to help children develop a love for fitness, a healthy positive self-concept, strong character and creative leadership skills.

These core values drive our passion to facilitate the growth of children’s ability to:


Take on challenges

Create a positive association with physical fitness

Develop, refine, and control motor development

Interact Confidently

Pursue Excellence

Our Belief, Conviction & Philosophy:
Today's children are threatened with physical mediocrity by our lethargic modern culture, but with guidance can achieve character greatness through intelligent mentoring. This is accomplished by truly caring for children and challenging them to be their best using soccer as the vehicle.

Our conviction lies in providing a unique, entertaining, age appropriate curriculum to our local and national youth. Our philosophy facilitates a program that is technically and tactically demanding, while challenging children's physiological and psychological development. Our goal is to create a positive legacy in the DFW community.










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HappyFeet Locations
  • We service schools all over North DFW, from Fort Worth to Flower Mound to Carrollton!