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Present the next stage in your child's development:

HappyFeet Leagues!!

Lewisville/Flower Mound

Ages 3 to 6

Registration for our

WINTER 2020 INDOOR League is Underway!

Deadline December 31st



League Info & Registration
The HappyFeet League is an excellent opportunity to see your little one further develop and showcase his/her HappyFeet soccer skills. Our league curriculum maximizes fun and friendship to ensure your child always wants to come back! We have found that parents & grandparents enjoy the league program as much as the kids!


About the Teams
The HappyFeet League is on evenings & weekends. It is offered for all children ages 3-6. Whenever possible, kids are grouped with their friends in teams of similar ages from the same school. This is the perfect way to make team play great fun and introduce kids to organized team sports. We reserve the right to combine ages and genders on teams when needed and appropriate.


Ages 2-6 Mini Class & Games - 45-60 Minute Sessions
Each league game is preceded by a 15-20 minute HappyFeet "Mini Class". During the "Mini Class" your child will enjoy fun games and adventures that will get them dribbling and shooting in a fun, imagination-based atmosphere. This serves as an excellent ice breaker for the players and prepares them for their game. The 30 minute league game immediately follows the "Mini Class" and introduces the players to goal scoring and the concept of team play. We substitute players on the fly and keep things moving so that every player gets as much playing time as possible. We play 3v3 or 4v4 to small goal with no keepers so there's always lots of GOALS!


Lewisville/Flower Mound Registration

(Lewisville/Flower Mound Location)

AGE GROUP 3–6 years old (co-ed soccer, gender specific teams if numbers allow it). We group players together with their friends and schoolmates whenever possible. Soccer is more fun with friends!
DATES Week of January 4 - February 8

SATURDAY in Flower Mound (INDOOR)

Session will last around 60 minutes.


Flower Mound ----> Wonderland Montessori (3701 Auburn Dr. 75022)

COST $110 Fee includes our 6 game/season and a team jersey!




  It's guaranteed to be a blast!


Keller Registration

(Keller Location)




Call/Text Coach Jason at (972) 742-2348 or

Email us at jason@happyfeetfw.com





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HappyFeet Locations
  • We service schools all over West DFW, from Flower Mound to Forth Worth to Mansfield.